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About this site


I host a few of my personal projects here, like a Trello & Google Calendar integration, as well as a IoT robot vacuum cleaner!
That's why progress on the site is kinda sporadic, it's mostly for myself to try things out and stuff, don't expect to do much here o3o


Not much

About me


I love programming! Do prefer to do backend, but frontend I can sorta do as well (don't mind the color scheme / responsiveness right here >.>)
I'm currently studying at Windesheim in Almere, on the HBO-ICT programme which has learnt me all the basics of programming.
On the program I've done a few internships that thought me a lot about working within teams too!


Besides programming, I also like to mess around with a soldering iron and create some hardware things!
I mostly like to make small IoT things that make life just a bit easier or more efficient :3
Together with my 3D printer and collection of all sorts of bolts & nuts I can make nearly anything I might need o3o


Oh also, I'm a furry
I made my own fursuit.
Yes, if you ask nicely, you may pet me.